Creating big problems

As usual, I did my best and it still doesn’t matter. I don’t know why I bother to work so hard sometimes, because it really just comes back to bite me in the butt in the end. Instead of feeling accomplished and proud of my hard working efforts, I often just feel like a complete failure. Somehow working as hard as I can, putting all my time and effort into a venture and having it go incongruent to what I’ve anticipated is worse to me than never trying at all to me. I don’t know how to explain this, other than mentioning what a perfectionist I am. Anyways, this past week I’ve been working my ass off, attempting to get the house completely spotless before my guests arrived. I’ve been painting and scrubbing, vacuuming every corner, renovating small projects… little did I know that after 10 days of this hard labor my HVAC system would ruin everything, anyways. I was almost done, putting the finishing touches on my beautiful home last night when I decided it was a bit chilly inside. The air temperature seemed a bit cooler than before, and there were some cool drafts flowing in from various corners and giving me goosebumps. I went to the thermostat and bumped up the temperature settings just a few degrees, but didn’t stop to consider that this might engage the central heating system. The HVAC system switched from AC to the furnace for the first time all year, and with this transition, so came a huge cloud of smelly dust and debris from every air vent in the house. Dirt, dander, and dust filled the indoor air, and as it settled, my weeks of intense cleaning were undone in a split moment. My guests arrived minutes later. I failed, but at least I tried.

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