Big party and the HVAC

All throughout our childhood, my father would constantly throw a big surprise gathering for my mother on her birthday. She obviously knew it was coming, but she still acted surprised every year. It was always one of my favorite days of the year. Now that my siblings and I are all grown plus have families of our own, we have tried to keep that spirit alive… Every year on our mother’s birthday, our family gathers in a new location to celebrate the lives of our parents. This may sound like a sad time, but we actually have an amazing time each year. This year my siblings and I hit a minor road bump when the HVAC unit broke down out of the blue… The system was really about 15 years old, so it should not have been such a surprise, but neither the A/C nor the heating had showed any problems recently. Since there were about fifteen of us there altogether, my siblings and I decided it was worth it to call in an Heating as well as A/C specialist to give us an estimate on services. While the woman gave us a fair price on the services, she told us that it would be several days before they were able to come by and make the repairs. This wouldn’t work given that the party would have passed by the time they came to fix the A/C. In the end, we all headed down to the local hardware store to find a window unit. It wasn’t perfect, but it did the trick for the time being and we had a wonderful time.

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