Baking pies and clearing the smell

Everyone likes the smell and taste of delicious home made baked pies.

I know I do! However it can get to be quite overwhelming if you do a lot of baking and the sweet smell is running all throughout the house. Especially when you are wanting to go to sleep or even eat dinner. I have found an easy and simple way to clear the smell. That is to turn on your central air conditioning system. If you have a central air conditioning system this is something that actually works! It works better than opening the windows too. Even if it is in the dead cold of winter you would still use the central air conditioning to clear out that smell. Without the central air conditioning it would not work. You can not turn on the heating and get the same result. Believe me I tried that in the winter. For some reason it is only the central air conditioning that can clear the smell. This is even without a whole home air purification system. Which I do not own a whole home air purification system because they are way too expensive. Not to mention that the air quality in my home and my area is nothing short of perfect! So why waste the money even if I did have it to spend right? But anyway, that is my tip for clearing really any kind of kitchen baking related smell from your home. Use the central air conditioning system! It really does do the trick as needed.

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