The shooting club

As one of my biggest hobbies I love to go to the shooting range/shooting club.

I am not one of those gun freaks or anything like that.

It is more or less just a sport to me. The only thing that kind of bothers me at times about going to the shooting club/shooting range is the fact that there is the smell of gun powder all over the place. They even run their central air conditioning or heating system a lot when it’s not needed to try to get rid of the smell. But it doesn’t exactly work. What they need is some kind of industrial or commercial air purification system if such a thing exists. I know of whole home air purification systems. But there has to be something like this for commercial businesses. I actually spoke with the manager at the shooting club about the possibility of getting some kind of air purification going in there. What they really needed was some sort of indoor air cleaning device. The manager also agreed that he had heard of whole home air purification systems, but never heard of an air purification system for a commercial place or building like the shooting club. This is probably something that needs to be researched online through several website sources. This will tell for sure if such a thing exists as a commercial air purification system! I told the manager that as a long time member of the shooting club, I would go home that night and do the research. Then I would call him later in the week with my findings.
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