A surprising turn of events

The entire neighborhood was awoken Last week by a deafening sound. About 1 in the day there was a loud boom that basically shook the house. The people I was with and I awoke to find that the power was out plus my hubby grabbed the flashlight plus headed downstairs to see what had happened… When he looked outside he saw many of our neighbors laying outside plus well as everyone looked just as confused as every one of us did. If you block server every one of us can see the glow of some sort of a fire plus hoped that everyone was okay.  Apparently 1 of the light poles have been struck by lightning plus the transformer had exploded. The people I was with and I were experiencing thunderstorms at the time but did not guess they were bad enough to cause such havoc. My hubby immediately went in plus turned off the power that went to many of the appliances including the Heating plus Air Conditioning system. He did not want a power surge to destruction them once the repairs were made to the line, Many people do not realize that this needs to be done to prevent issues plus it is important to remember that your appliances cannot take a abrupt jolt of electricity. Many of them installed with ground faults that prevent is from being a complication but to be on the safe side you are always better to turn them off or cut the power to them while waiting for the electricity to come back on. The people I was with and I ended up being without power for almost 24 sixths plus thankfully the weather conditions were not too hot or too cold. It was only the middle of May so every one of us were not dependent upon our Heating plus Air Conditioning plan to keep us comfortable anyway.

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