A sofa would be great

When my boyfriend and I bought this odd and strange ancient country home five years ago, the two of us knew that we both were taking on a very large responsibility… My boyfriend and I bought an antique world estate that has definitely seen better days and better years, although he and I have typically had a passionate love affair for all things old and antique, and this old country home ticked all of our boxes.  Not only this, but there is no other home like it in this town or even in this entire country. Buying it was simply not like getting a vehicle or signing the lease on an apartment or condo. This locale is like a kid to us—we are absolutely dead set on taking care of it and helping it shed the years of bad ownership to become an appealing and beautiful home again! Well now that the renovations are finally done and my boyfriend and I are ready to move everything in, we’re having a strenuous time finding the right furnishings to decorate with. While my boyfriend and I somewhat like our home goods stores for cute throw blankets and nice scented candles, authentic world estate dining sets are not their speciality; but fortunately, the trouble ended completely when my boyfriend and I stopped trying to buy flimsy furniture from a box. So just last week, my boyfriend and I decided to go to a custom built furniture store for a change and now they are taking care of everything for us. From helping decide on the best period appropriate textiles to the right wood finishes and metal, the custom built furniture store is helping us breathe life back into this old country home a single room at a time! So far we’ve tackled the living room and the kitchen and bathroom. The dining table alone is a thing of total beauty, with unique details that heavily accent the gorgeous wood trim and artistry of this house.  

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