You can extend the life of your air purifier filters by vacuuming off the dust monthly

I was using a cheap vacuum for a while without considering the possible issues.

Unless the vacuum has HEPA filter inside, a lot of dust and fine particles will get shot out the exhaust and will redistribute throughout your house after becoming airborne.

It’s like taking all of those particles off the tile and carpet and blowing them into your breathing air. That’s why I was adamant with my husband about purchasing a good vacuum last year when our old one finally died. I convinced him that the improvement in our indoor air quality would make it worthwhile. Since he has asthma, this fact appealed to him and eventually he agreed. We went on the internet and compared reviews with the models we found at a local supercenter. After narrowing down the best vacuum, we brought it home and started using it. You can lengthen the life of air purifier filters using a vacuum, as it will pull any dust that has collected on the inside surface. As long as your vacuum has a HEPA filter inside, you don’t have to worry about it redistributing that dust back into your house and it’s indoor air. I like being able to extend the life of my air purifier filters by vacuuming them clean at least once a month. The replacement filters are expensive and are not as easy to find unless you purchase them all off the internet. Even so, my air purifier’s filter is $20 brand new, which is nothing to scoff at. This is why I’m so diligent about keeping the dust vacuumed-up regularly.

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