My brother thought that he could live without A/C

My brother has always been very spoiled.

From the time that we were kids, he always got everything that he ever wanted and it was so annoying to me! He was always whining and complaining whenever he didn’t get his way and for some reason, my parents always just let him get his own way.

I remember thinking when we were kids that he was going to grow up and be a jerk. He’s not that bad, though, now that we are adults. The one thing that he’s really annoying about now is the way that he is always complaining about not having any air conditioning. See, he moved out of my parents’ house several months ago and he moved into a little old crappy apartment without central A/C in it. I knew right when he first moved in that there was no way that he was going to last there without air conditioning for a whole entire summer. Of course, my brother said that he would be just fine without air conditioning. But that’s not the song that he’s singing now after a long, hot summer. He has been complaining about the temperature in his apartment for weeks now and I am sick and tired of hearing about it. He thought that he could live without air conditioning. And that’s all well and good in theory when he’s talking about it. Actually doing it is totally different, though. He’s so whiny and spoiled about not having air conditioning that I wouldn’t be surprised if he moved back in with our parents.


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