Very hot day, using A/C and seeing neighbors A/C break down

I certainly do love the summertime.

I love being able to go to my pool whenever I want and I love going on vacations with my family as well.

I feel like there’s so much more things that you can do in the summer than the colder seasons that we experience. Just yesterday the temperature outside reached to 90° without the addition of the heat index. With the heat index it reached up to 103° outside. To combat the really hot temperatures that we have experiencing lately I made sure that my air-conditioning system was ready to be used for at least 14 hours of the day. At night we do not use our air-conditioning as much, especially when we are sleeping. This is because we are not very aware of the air-conditioning turning on and off during the night, so by not using the air conditioning as much, we are saving money and energy. However when it is during the day we like to run our air-conditioning system since we are staying inside most the day due to the heat advisory. When I looked outside at my thermometer to see if the temperature went down anymore I look to the left at my neighbor’s driveway. I saw that there was an HVAC technician van. I figured that my neighbor’s HVAC system may have needed some repairs or maintenance due to the extreme heat that were experiencing. The next day when I saw my neighbor I asked her what was wrong. She told me that she was just having her seasonal maintenance since she pays for a maintenance plan each year.

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