Trying my own repair

.I’m a legitimately independent man as well as I always try to do things on my own at my house.

This is in regards to simple repairs as well as service.

However I limit myself when it comes to doing repairs as well as service on my washing component as well as dryer because I know the simple basics of these machines, not the full complex operating system. The reason for this is that I don’t want to cause any more harm than what may be wrong with it, then for example I like to check my A/C unit before I need to call a heating as well as cooling professional. For starters I do some basic checks to make sure that my A/C unit is working. I like to make sure that the power supply is on. I want to make sure that when I’m calling my heating as well as cooling professional I don’t want to have accidentally not turned on the cooling system or a circuit breaker went off. I just feel like that would be so embarrassing. I also check to make sure the thermostat is on as well as if the thermostat is not on I may need to update the batteries. I also make sure that the air vents are on in my home. I want to make sure that no air vents are jammed as well as that I should feel some form of cool air coming out of them. I check that my air filter was changed recently. I put the date on the air filter itself so I remember exactly when it was changed. I also want to make sure that the condenser unit is not covered either. The condenser unit is the big unit that’s installed outside as well as makes a humming noise when it’s on. If the condenser unit is ever jammed there can be a lack of air flow as well as can shut down the entire A/C unit. These are some simple checks that I do to ensure that everything is right!

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