Single and multi stage heating and cooling

The other day I felt like I was having trouble with about everything that I did.

I was cleaning the house and doing the dishes and my favorite dish ended up slipping out of my hands and fell on the floor, shattering.

I even had trouble doing the simplest task such as changing my HVAC air filter. I went to the store and bought an air filter. However I read the number wrong that was listed on my HVAC system and purchased an air filter that was a quarter of an inch too small! I was getting a little aggravated at this point. I also realized that I purchased a maintenance plan for my HVAC system. However I have not utilized that plan and called my HVAC technician in almost four months! Since I couldn’t put in a new HVAC air filter and I predicted that my HVAC system most likely needed to be cleaned so I dialed the phone number to my HVAC technician. My HVAC technician showed up in a matter of a half hour. He followed his protocol by putting on boot sleeves so he wouldn’t track any dirt into my home. He greeted me and I showed him my HVAC system. My technician said that I was long overdue for a cleaning. I told him how I forgot that I had a maintenance plan and haven’t used it yet. He looked up my name in the system and ended up reimbursing me the amount of money that I would
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