Power outages mean no air conditioning

About 10 years ago I moved down south for a great job.

This job opportunity let me to three salary reasons and also three positioning.

I absolutely love my job early Monday through Friday to make money. At times I feel like I’m not even making money because I thoroughly enjoy my job. In the south it is been much different different since living in the north for the rest of my life. In the south around the month of August always rains thunderstorms. Use thunderstorms are much more severe than where I have lived up north. Sometimes it’s under storms are in results of hurricanes and others tornado warning. I really like thunderstorms and watching the beauty of it however I really despise tornado warning’s and tornadoes in general. This month or has been a lot of severe thunderstorms in result power outages are more likely to occur. I really don’t like power outages either because this means that my air-conditioning system will not work. Also my breaker box was struck by lightning which caused a few shortages with my HVAC system. I had to call my HVAC technician to make sure that there were no other shorts in my system. Without air-conditioning in my home during a power outage it absolutely stinks. This is because in the south the heat in the humidity is much much stronger in my home to suites in all of the heat. At times my home and I cannot bear without living in the south without air-conditioning. However if I was living up in the north and there’s a power outage with no air-conditioning I couldn’t this open up my windows and feel some kind of cool breeze. In the south it is rare to have cool breezes because there is a very large’s. Maybe one day I will purchase a generator so in my power does go out I can still use my air-conditioning system.

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