Not having air conditioning when growing up as a child

As a child I could always remember certain things that were very limited within our family.

I grew up with three other sisters and two brothers. Therefore there were six of us and my mother and father always tried to save as much money as possible. Money was tight back then and I can always remember getting a new pair of shoes at least every year. I had a limited amount of clothes and only a few toys while the rest we hand-me-downs. Looking back I didn’t think my life was very hard because my parents always treated us with a lot of love and wanted us to have enough food on the table and not as much as materialistic items. Growing up we also do not have air conditioning. Air conditioning To us was a luxury. Now that I am grown up and have my own job and my own home it is more of a common thing for newer homes to have central air conditioning. My central air conditioning is electric and my furnace runs on oil. We did have heat growing up and that was our fireplace. A lot of these heating and cooling options that are used today do cost a good chunk of money each month. That is why growing up we had limited sources of heating and cooling. My parents were more worried about us having a sufficient amount of food because there were so many of us. When winter would come we would have worn extra layers of clothes and during the summer we would use fans to circulate the air.
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