Neighbor contacting about A/C being broken down (outside condenser unit) inviting them in to stay cool

My family likes to come to my home and visit at least one week during the summer.

I will do the same over the winner at my sisters house since she lives in a much more warmer climate during the winter time than I do.

She likes to get a break from the heat by coming up to the more milder climate that I live in which isn’t always 100° or more every day. One day during the week stay visit my family and I were preparing food for the dinner that evening. Wanted to have a big dinner since it was her last day at my house. We were talking and enjoying feel family time until all the sudden my doorbell rang. When I look through the peephole of my door I saw my neighbor sitting there. Opened up the door and asked what was wrong concern the fact that my neighbor never answers the door. She told me that she needed a place to stay for at least an hour or two. I told her it was not a problem. She was really upset since air-conditioning system bro broke down on my the hottest days of the summer. She told me that she had a feeling her condenser in her HVAC system was broken. It is making a really loud humming noise and when she went to the thermostat to turn it on no air cold air was coming out of the air registers. She seemed frazzled and I told her that she was not intruding in that she was more than welcome to make yourself at home. She told me it wouldn’t be a very long time said she called her HVAC technician and he would be showing up soon. She said that she stayed in her house all morning and was starting to feel little lightheaded because of how hot her home is getting and that is why she came to my door. Two hours went by and still no HVAC technician showed up. We told her to call her HVAC provider and tell her that she was canceling. I gave her the number to my HVAC provider and told that they were really reliable and that there is a 24 hour emergency service. She was really grateful for that and grateful for the fact that I let her into my home.
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