My grandma gets really upset over little things

When we went to visit my grandma who lives out of state last month, her air conditioning system happened to go on the blink while we were down there.

She’s always been someone who runs their air conditioning system nearly non-stop during the summer.

She loves the way that the air conditioning helps with the inflammation that she has because of her joints sometimes. She loves the way the air conditioning helps with making her feel better, and I don’t blame her. I would probably like to do the same thing if I had arthritis issues, too. Anyway, whenever we got to her house, the air conditioning system wasn’t working and the house wasn’t nearly as cool as it usually is. I asked my grandma what was going on with the A/C and she said that she was already taking care of it. She said that she was waiting around for the local HVAC company to get there to fix the central air conditioning for her. We wanted to go to lunch together and she said that she couldn’t go until the HVAC technicians showed up. It ended up being really annoying because we really wanted to spend time with my grandma and she was so upset about the air conditioning that she refused to do anything that we wanted to do. She was all consumed with waiting around for the HVAC technicians and she refused to do anything until she got the A/C back up and running. It was really annoying to me because we had come all the way to see her and she was obsessed with the A/C!
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