I decided to take a nap while the AC was broke down

I went jogging this morning and I decided to run 12 miles instead of 8.

I had so much energy that I probably could have run another two miles.

I’m glad I decided to stop at 12, because I came home to a problem with the AC. It wasn’t very cool inside of my house and I immediately checked the thermostat. The AC temperature was set for 72 degrees, but it was 74 in the house. The AC was running, but the indoor atmosphere wasn’t very cool. I grabbed a small step stool out of the cabinet and reached up to the AC air vents. The air coming out of the machine was lukewarm. I called a repair service and the lady on the phone said that they could not send a repair technician until 12:30. I had two hours to wait and it was uncomfortable and warm inside of the house. I decided to take a shower and then I laid down on the bed and took a nap for an hour. I had the fan next to the bed and it was running on high. I wasn’t bothered much at all by the lack of cool air. When I woke up at noon, it was 80 degrees and a lot more uncomfortable than the temperature was when I fell asleep. Thankfully the repair technician arrived a few minutes after I woke up from my nap and found the problem with the AC unit very quickly. It was a simple repair after locating the issue. The repair took about an hour to complete.

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