If kid has air temperature control, he’s happy

When people tell me that being a parent is challenging I wonder what they’re doing wrong.

Honestly, I wouldn’t say that I am the best parent on the planet… But I also don’t think that I’m doing too shabby. And, I can’t say that the entire process is all that stressful for me. Maybe I just got extremely lucky by having a very easy baby. I can tell you, he sure does not cry as much as all of the other kids seem to. Since I brought him home, he has been extremely easy to deal with with as long as we have one basic amenity – indoor air temperature control. I remember the moment when I walked in the front door with my newborn baby and felt the warm breeze coming from our central heating system. There was a gentle flow of air coming out of the vent directly over the front door. The warmth felt absolutely amazing to me… And apparently it did to my baby, as well. I know this, because he immediately stopped fussing and went right to sleep. From that day forward, we had no troubles keeping my child quiet and happy as long as the heating, cooling, and ventilation system was running. If he was throwing a fit, we simply needed to adjust the thermostat so that our central heating and cooling units would kick into gear. Once the air conditioner or forced air furnace were operating, everything was hunky-dory again. Unfortunately, this is a necessity that we can’t always control. When we are at a restaurant or someone else’s residence, we have to sit as close to the air vents as possible and pray that they have a working HVAC system. Other than dragging around a portable heating and cooling unit, I think that parenthood has been extremely easy.
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