I used to think that HVAC workers weren’t that smart

I used to think that HVAC workers weren’t all that smart back when I was younger. I remember thinking that the guys who had to get dirty at their jobs weren’t the kind of guys that I would want to be whenever I grew up. I used to think that I would be some kind of a fancy office worker who would never have to get his hands dirty at all. That’s just the way my mind used to work back when I was younger. In a way, I basically looked down on men who were considered to be blue collar workers. Of course, these days, I have totally changed my mind when it comes to things like that. Although I have a college degree, I still have to pay HVAC technicians lots of money per hour to have them come and fix my heating and cooling system whenever there is a problem with it. I wish that I could fix things like that myself, but I have no clue how to repair or maintain my furnace or air conditioning system. Things like that make me think that these guys are actually smarter than I am. I mean, these HVAC technicians are out here charging me a fortune to work on my HVAC system and I have no idea what they are even doing to it. For all I know, they could be cheating me and I would happily pay whatever they charged! I kind of wish that I had gotten myself an HVAC certification instead of this useless degree that I am still paying for!


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