Having wedding and choosing venue with reliable A/C

I cannot believe that I am finally calling my boyfriend of 7 years my fiance. Just recently we got engaged and we are trying to plan the wedding. I did not realize how much planning and thought has to go into it. First I wanted to plan out when and where I’m going to have the wedding. I wanted to figure out these details first so I could book a place in advance. I know that a lot of places get booked very quickly. When it came to choosing a venue I wanted something that would be big enough for all of our guests. Not only was size a factor but it was important to me if they provided air conditioning. I wanted to have the wedding in the summer so I wanted to make sure that there was reliable air conditioning. When choosing the venue I also did some research online and read the reviews. At least six reviews said that their weddings were ruined by the air conditioning system. One woman had to cut her reception short because the air conditioning broke down in the middle of it. She also stated that they had to call a local HVAC technician during it. You could hear the HVAC technician working on the air conditioning unit, on the ductwork and on the condensing unit as well while they were dancing and sweating. I decided to skip this venue and try to find a venue that had a newer air conditioning system that wouldn’t crash and stop working during the middle of my wedding reception.
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