Cousin thinks they listen through thermostat

Sometimes you hang out with one of your family members and leave with a brand new perspective on life.

  • Unfortunately, for me, that has not been a very bright and sunny new view.

In fact, I was recently hanging out with my oldest cousin when she began saying things that were nothing short of shocking to me. Apparently, she is not exactly in her right mind and I have a lot of things to be concerned about for her. Not only does she think that aliens are coming for her body any day, but she is convinced that her heating, cooling, and air quality control system has been working with them.I found this out the hard way when I went to visit and realized that she had no working indoor air temperature control devices. There was a large cooling system in the back of her house and she had a huge furnace sitting in the basement. However, she was not using either of the indoor air temperature and air quality control devices and she didn’t plan on ever touching them again. She was so dead set on her new lifestyle without any modern indoor air quality control that she had even gone so far as to start filling all of the air ducts work. Nearly every air vent in her house was filled to the brim with blankets, towels, and old clothing. At the same time, she had completely removed her thermostat from the wall. When I cautiously asked what was going on with the indoor air temperature control devices, she told me that the aliens had hijacked them. Her thermostat wasn’t really her thermostat, it was a listening device. I need a new family.

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