You will need legal help to file bankruptcy

My hubby as well as I were together for over 20 years before we decided to get divorced.

The people I was with and I had incurred a great deal of debt while together, including our house, three cars, a boat, as well as a full sized RV.

After my hubby as well as I divorced, I could not afford to pay all of the bills all on my own. I got further as well as further into debt. I did not guess what I should do, especially when all of the creditors started hassling me everyday. Luckily, a buddy of mine was a bankruptcy lawyer. She told me that filing bankruptcy would end all of the nasty collection calls, SMSs, as well as letters. The lawyer filed a petition to the court to claim bankruptcy. My lawyer pal did not charge much to help, but I had to pay for all of the filing fees as well as court documents. I don’t guess how my ex-hubby is paying all of the bills either, now that our income has been broken in half. I hope the bankruptcy lawyer will get all of my debt cleared, otherwise, I am going to have to repay that debt. The lawyer told me I will undoubtedly have to make a thousand dollar payment every single month. If that happens, I’ll have to sell the house as well as transfer into an apartment. The youngsters will miss the yard as well as the jungle gym, as well as I think that makes me recognize the saddest. They did not even want us to split up, as well as now they might have to leave their school as well as their friends. I knew things would be difficult for me when my hubby as well as I got divorced, but I did not anticipate all of these woeful financial struggles.

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