Working with Charitable Group is Satisfying When You Help People Who Appreciate Everything

When I discovered how challenging it is to become a refugee to this country, I could not believe that people are even able to do it. It takes years, and sometimes even decades to get clearance and to get to live here in our country. These people tend to appreciate everything you do for them, and they are amazed by how wonderful life can be. Working with a charitable group as I do, is so satisfying because I help people who appreciate everything. I help people become acclimated to our world. I teach them about public transportation. I help them get immunizations for their kids and get them enrolled in school. I even have to teach them how to use the heating and cooling system. Most residences in my neck of the woods use central heating and cooling, and not one single person I have helped so far has ever seen a/c. When I show them how to turn the a/c (or heater) on and set the thermostat so the a/c will kick on and off as needed, they truly seem amazed. In fact, some of the older folks often do not want to use the a/c, as they feel it is a luxury beyond belief. Eventually, though, they come to understand that the a/c helps cut down on the humidity, and that helps keep mildew and mold out of the house. Some have also never heard of a water heater. They are often flabbergasted that there is a heater for water and all they have to do is turn on the hot tap to get hot water to bathe or shower or cook.

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