Will someone give me a hand

At least once a year, I try to give my new condo a thorough cleaning.  This cleaning includes scrubbing the carpets, cleaning the windows, and washing the curtains.  I clean behind plus under all of the furniture, clean overhead light fixtures. I even make sure to power wash the walls and ceilings.  This past year, when I climbed up on a ladder to clean the overhead light in the family room, I instantaneously felt overheated. I realized that the temperature near the ceiling was far higher than near the floor.  My condo is heated by a forced air oil furnace, so all the warm air was raising straight to the ceiling. This caused my energy bills to skyrocket because I was setting my thermostat to higher temperatures than necessary.  Unless my family wanted to climb up on ladders to get warm, I needed to figure out a way to force the heated air back down to the floor. After a little research, I realized a ceiling fan could help. I learned the fans are easy to install and come in all different styles, sizes, and prices.  Although purchasing such a large quantity of fans added up, I expect the energy savings to make up for the cost. During the winter, the fans effectively push the heated air back toward the floor, improving comfort plus allowing lower temperature control settings. In the summer, I reverse the rotation of the blades causing the hot air to get out of the house and minimizing the workload of the air conditioner.  I save cash on energy bills all year round.

HVAC maintenance plan