Why you shouldn’t get a used Heating and A/C unit

My partner, Jill, and I have been having some entirely taxing times with money in the past couple of months, and my pal and I fell on some taxing financial times when our car, a/c and fridge all stopped working in the same week. My pal and I had to replace all of them because they are essential to our weekly lives! However, it was not easy to have to write a check for each one. My pal and I decided that instead of buying a brand up-to-date car, air conditioning and fridge we would try to find used versions of each; The used car and fridge came from my sibling who was looking to replace both. However, we had to go to a thrift store to find a used air conditioning, i was a little hesitant to get a used air conditioning, however my partner said he thought it would be okay. However, after having the used air conditioning in our apartment for about a week, I knew right away I was right. My pal and I started to notice more dust and debri in the apartment than we had ever had before. My allergies were starting to act up because it was so dusty in the house. I started to wonder if the Heating and A/C business that installed our used air conditioning cleaned it well enough. I am now upset that we are going to have to pay to have the Heating and A/C business to come back out and look at the air conditioning to see if they notice any issues with it.


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