Why is my website listed on page five of my search engine?

Today has been more than frustrating for me because I keep trying to get a straight answer out of my web design dealer! I paid them wonderful money to design a entirely cool web page for my bakery, but when I try to search it online it shows up on page five, and most consumers are going to go with one that they find on the first page, or maybe the second, but after that they feel that the companies listed on the other pages are simply to smile or have a terrible reputation.

In several cases this is not the truth plus I wanted to be able to increase my contractor so I asked the web design contractor how I could repair this; They said that there were basically two ways to do that the first would cost me a lot of money because I would have to spend my money for top billing advertisement on the search engine sites… Because I wasn’t willing to do that I asked what my second opportunity might be.

They said that they had a special division that was dedicated to Simply submitting my dealer’s name plus website to many search engines on a correct basis! Each month when you ask to be listen on that search engines website it pumps you up a little bit at a time. They also changed some of the key words that were listed for my website to increase the opportunity of local people finding my bakery. Included words like specialized cakes, birthday packages, plus even free national shipping. These words would help draw in that the type of clients I was looking for! All of this plays into the world of search engine optimization or SEO. If search engines are not aware that you’re out there it’s taxing for them to supply you any sort of placement on their never-ending websites.


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