Why did I bring so much stuff

Living in the northern part of the country, winter lasts approximately several months.  Because of temperatures well below zero, it’s necessary to keep the loft sealed tight. My oil furnace carries an harshly heavy workload plus our energy bills make up half the budget.  I absolutely don’t want to allow any of the heated air to escape, plus take every precaution to prevent chilly air from coming inside. Between the constant blast of the oil furnace plus the chilly chilly weather, the indoor air becomes terribly dry.  Insufficient humidity can lead to a whole bunch of concerns, impacting health, comfort, expense plus condo furnishings. My loft has hardwood floors plus a lot of the furniture is antiques. If the air is overly dry, it sucks moisture from the wood which then begins to crack.  Plus, the dry air is responsible for chapped lips, frizzy hair, static shock, bloody noses plus headaches. It increases the risk of respiratory infection plus can prolong the symptoms of the flu. Since dry air feels cooler than correctly moisturized air, it encourages higher thermostat settings.  The oil furnace ends up finally working harder, plus I pay more in energy bills. To combat all of these concerns, I invested in a whole-condo humidifier. It is a steam-style humidifier which uses electrodes to change water into steam. The humidifier works independently from the oil furnace, handles the needs of the entire home, plus allows customized settings.  The purchase plus installation were not all that fancy. The humidifier has significantly improved comfort plus air quality. The lower energy bills have hastily recovered the investment.

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