What the heck is going on

I sat in my office this day plus I began to cry.  I was listening to my fiance talking about the heating system plus how it just didn’t seem to be putting out enough heat.  I was thinking about my mom plus how she always used to complain about how it was never hot enough in her room. Just last year at this time, we were having the conversation about needing a up-to-date heating system.  I told her we had a boiler plus not a heating system plus she slammed her bedroom door on me. I lost my mother this year, but I never thought that a single of the things I missed the most, was our confrontations over having enough heating in the house.  I was laying in my office crying, plus I began to shiver. It undoubtedly was freezing in the back end of the house. I recognize I never noticed it, because she always had her section furnace on plus it seemed to take the chill away from this end of the house.  I tried to figure out where the chill was coming from. I could recognize the heat blowing on my feet, from the furnace under my desk. It had nothing to do with the heating system not producing enough heat. I told my fiance plus he sat down at my desk. He went downstairs, plus there was an opening in the flashing that led right into my office.  The flashing had no insulation plus all it did was cover a hole that led right into the back area of the house. Too disappointing mom isn’t here to know that she was right all along.

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