What radiant heat is

When we had the last of our 4 children move out of the house, the morning was bittersweet, however we were sad to see our youngest leave, as she was constantly the most thoughtful, considerate and loveable of our children. We knew that it would be a changing period for us to get used to her not being home, however it was alright – we both had just the thing to occupy ourselves and stave off the empty-nest syndrome! See, my spouse and I made a pact when our youngest was born. We both promised we’d renovate the entire home from the ground up as soon as she moved out, or at least begin the process then; Well, with her leaving, we both can entirely start at the ground floor, because the first renovation project we’re doing is installing radiant heated floors in our home! Radiant heating isn’t necessarily from a radiator anymore, as this system functions like an important radiator that’s housed inside the floor! Hot water pipes carry hot water through a heat-conductive material, and that heat then spreads out and up from the floor. Since the heat comes from the entire floor space, there’s no freezing or hot spots! Plus, the system is far more efficient than many of the possibilities on the market, as it uses hardly any electricity at all to function, then a pump sends sizzling hot water from a boiler through the piping, and the heat-conductive flooring does the rest! I can’t wait until we both get this installed, because Winter time is fast approaching and our heating method. With this new system, I can finally get some good sleep in a home that isn’t as freezing indoors as it is outdoors.

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