We only have a single room

For various years I  lived in our parents basement after school in order to save money to purchase a home.  My dad was an accountant, so she requested a couple of key financial items that I needed to have order before applying for a cabin loan.  She requested paying off our student loans, keeping only more than one credit cards, and raising our credit score to at least 671. In order to do what she requested   effectively, the two of us thought it was best that I continued to leave with them until I bought our own home. Finally, I was now looking for our first house. Once again our dad had a list of essential items that I must have reviewed by a professional before I made an offer on the home.  Number 1 on the list was to have a quality Heating & A/C business examine and test the heating and air plan in the home. I was able to schedule an appointment and the Heating & A/C business was able to fit me in the actually next morning. Because the cabin is about 15 years old, I was uneasy about having to run the Heating & A/C plan more due to the heat escaping through cracks in the windows and doors. The heating and air service business explained that the Department of Energy states that 25 to 40 percent of the energy produced by the Heating & A/C plan is lost through leaks in the duct system.  This is often due to cracks, breaks and ducts. To make sure that the Heating & A/C plan would be effective in the home, she diagnosed the duct system, windows and doors for areas where the heat and air could leak out. The Heating & A/C provider used a tool that measures how leaky the cabin is in general. Once the test was completed she verified that the cabin was sealed properly with passable ventilation for proper air circulation

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