We need a new furnace

My husband is always trying to save a quick buck. He will pick up old bottles on the side of the road to return them for the five cents. He will go without something just so he doesn’t have to buy new. Anyway he can save a few bucks, he will do it. When our furnace stopped working suddenly, I knew I was in trouble. I immediately wanted to call the heating business to look at the furnace. I knew something large must have been broken. A furnace does not suddenly turn off and refuse to turn on when it is something small. My husband pleaded with me to allow him to look at it. He opened the furnace up and cleaned it thoroughly. He then got a new furnace filter, oiled the blower and cleaned up the fan blades. When none of this worked, he hired his buddy to come fix our furnace. My husband’s buddy was worse than him at fixing the furnace. I actually suspect the buddy did more harm than good. He was not able to fix the furnace and none of the pieces could fit back together again. I then called the furnace company and paid for it myself. The heater repair was huge and extensive. They had to fix the original issue and all the things my husband and his friend broke. If my husband would have let me call the professionals earlier, it actually would have been cheaper. No, instead we had to mess around seeing if we could save the couple hundred bucks and get the heater patched up.

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