We could do this

I have always been cold-blooded.  It can be ninety degrees outside and I will be wearing a sweater.  I don’t do it on purpose. I think I have poor circulation, because it always starts in my hands and my feet.  They are always cold. I know I drive my husband crazy. He’ll come home from work, and I have the thermostat set at eighty, just so I can be warm.  I hurry and put the thermostat back to sixty-eight, when I see him coming. The house is so warm that he knows what I had done. I just can’t handle the cold, and he knows that, but it doesn’t make it any easier.  The energy bill is always high because I need the heat. I decided to find a way to keep me warm and yet he wouldn’t be suffocating from the heat. I started going to thrift shops and I found a great smoking jacket that covers me from the top of my neck to the floor.  It makes a great house robe. There were these strange looking muk-luks, but they have fur inside and out. I found a nice pair of gloves too. I cut the finger tips out of them and I call them my house gloves. Now, I am always warm. I may look a bit strange, but I don’t wear them out of the house, when we go out together.  He gets to keep his thermostat at sixty-eight. I hope this is a sacrifice he is willing to accept, or he may be looking for a new wife.

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