We are taking a bus back to work

Gas is pretty pricey in the city where I live, so I opt to take the bus to work everyday. That way I can save my gas for shopping and recreation. I appreciate my city’s transit system, but for the longest time, it was in desperate need for an upgrade. The buses were really old-fashioned and they lacked adequate climate control for the first couple years of me using them. Around here, the summers are about as hot as summer’s get and the winters are as cold as–well you get the picture. It was a given that the ride to my office complex was going to be an uncomfortable one in the less milder seasons.The bus was all hot and sweaty and muggy in the summer, and while I myself did my best to apply a generous amount of deodorant before going out the door every day, a good percentage of the people who rode along with me apparently didn’t believe in such things. In the winter, I would be all huddled up in my seat with my hat, jacket, and gloves desperately clutching my hot thermos of coffee enjoying the precious little heat it was giving off as much as the caffeine boost I needed to wake up.Then, surprisingly quickly the bus system in my city got an upgrade. There were new buses doing the rounds with excellent climate control systems. The first day that I stepped onto one of these buses to be brought to work, I felt like I was utterly spoiled. Everyone was talking about how much better they were!

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