Water can cool us down

When I went to the beach last summer with my husband, I had such an amazing time. The both of us spent the whole day sitting out in the sand, taking walks along the water, and swimming in the ocean. It was such a tropical beach, so the sand was pure and the water was a blue, but even though it was tepid outside, the water cooled us down; However, it was an amazing feeling to come into the condo’s a/c. Once the the two of us opened the door to our room, the two of us were met with a gust of very cool air! My a/c at the condo is just a window component that doesn’t work really well and it’s old. I never realized what I was missing until I took this trip. I felt like I was treating myself every time I entered the hotel room. The air was cool and the air flowed from the component silently. This made it actually easy to sleep late at night. I never wanted to install central air because I was afraid of the money I’d spend on utility bills because it can get pretty expensive. That’s why it was nice to have access to the a/c at the condo, but all the expenses of our trip were included in the cost of booking the room, so I was able to blast the a/c as much as I wanted too and never have to worry about utility bills. I wish everyday could be like that trip we went on. I was really sad when I came to the condo to my stuffy apartment. It was so stuffy from the lack of air circulation in the time that I was away. I turned on the window component and left the condo to run some errands that needed to be done. When I came back multiple hours later, it was still no match to the a/c from my trip at the condo.

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