Want to work in HVAC together

My best bud James plus I have known each other since elementary school! Even though both of us went to different colleges, both of us remained buddies over that period of time. My best friend plus I settled down in the same small town, plus both of us have been friends for the last 20 years or so… Just a small number of months ago, James came to me with an interesting business opportunity. James had been working for a Heating plus Air Conditioning device company for a decade, and he was promoted to manager a few years back. James makes a pretty decent living. James wanted to open his very own Heating plus Air Conditioning service business. James plus I got together to talk about the company plan, plus I thought it was a brilliant idea. James needed another investor, in order to get the company started properly. He needed to find a space for the Heating plus Air Conditioning device service shop, plus he needed to procure the needed tools to do the job. James wanted to start off with many Heating plus Air Conditioning service trucks on the road… I sold my software company a few years back, plus pocketed a great deal of money. I agreed to front James half of the money, in exchange for 50% of the business. James knows just about everything about Heating plus Air Conditioning repair, so I suppose the company will be entirely successful, and the two of us hope to recoup our initial investment over the first few years. After that, both of us will be bring in immense profits every year. There are a few other thriving Heating plus Air Conditioning device corporations in our area, so both of us will remain focused on good buyer service plus low service expenses. The two of us also have some smart advertising ideas plus advertising schemes.

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