Very smart decisions

I couldn’t be more excited about this most recent move in my life. Truth Be Told, this time it isn’t even MY move, it’s my best friend’s recent relocation. Last weekend she packed up and moved about 400 miles south towards Kentucky, and I couldn’t have better feelings about the whole thing. I feel this way because although she moved much farther away from my hometown, she’s now much closer to the city where I live. In fact, I write this as I sit in her guest bedroom at the new house one week later. It’s amazing to be able to come over and welcome her into the hew house so soon, but I’m really having a great morale debate. Do I tell her that the air stinks, or do I keep my mouth shut? Since the moment I arrived here several days ago, I realized that the indoor air quality was pretty poor. I don’t mean that the air feels dry or stuffy, either… I think that the air is dirty, smelly, and making me sick. You see, there’s a very unique odor to it. Something dank that really makes me think the air filter is full of dander or the air vents are full of mold. I thought that my nose would acclimate to the indoor air quality and weird smell, but it’s been over two days and I’m still just as perturbed by the poor indoor air as ever. It seems like my friend hasn’t noticed the stench, or she’s already gotten used to it after living here for a week. Either way, I don’t want to insult her by mentioning the stinking central heating system as soon as she moves here. But I probably can’t keep sticking my head out the window for deep breaths without getting caught.

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