Tweaking the HVAC

It’s not care about our lake house is a way station for weary travelers.

But, I am always cheerful to welcome all guests to our Heating and A/C controlled home. I suppose this might be a genetic thing. My parents were the absolutely same way. I enjoyed growing up in their lake house because there was always so much care about and laughter. Our lake house seemingly always had a guest or many staying the weekend or longer. My wife was raised the same way. So, it makes sense that our guest rooms are open to all our friends and family. However, 1 of our guest room is much colder than the rest of our lake house that most of our supplier asks for it in the summer. However, the rest of the year, nobody wants to stay in it. The temperature in that room has puzzled myself and others for over a decade. I think it’s not the Heating and A/C equipment because the Heating and A/C tech went over it. I also made sure to reseal and reinsulate the window in that room. So, it wasn’t a draft either. A cousin who was in the area to ski finally figured it out. She told myself and others all about using room to room ventilators to even out the temperature in a section of a home. They were easy to install. All I had to do was chop a hole in an adjoining wall and then slip the vent fan in there. From the first evening until now, that room has had balanced temperature due to the room to room ventilators. All it took was the right visitor to point this solution out to us!