Too many germs

I recently found out the hard way that insulation in your house’s walls is way more important than you might ever have thought that it was. I never really realized that it was that much of an issues until I started having problems with what I thought was my HVAC unit in my house. At first I thought that my thermostat was messed up and that it was causing my heating and air conditioning to malfunction somehow. But when I checked it, the digital programmable thermostat was working just fine. At least, it was working fine as far as I could tell. I’m not an HVAC technician, by any means. But for some reason, our heating just wasn’t heating our house, no matter how far I turned up the temperature on the thermostat control. My feet were still freezing and my hands were still cold, no matter how many layers of sweaters and blankets I put on. I started wishing that we had installed radiant heated flooring in the house when we put in our new heating and air conditioning system last year. I think that if we had radiant heated flooring then I would never have cold feet again! Well, I finally gave up and called our local heating and cooling experts and they came out to assess the situation. The HVAC technician said that it wouldn’t matter how great of an HVAC unit we had or even if we had radiant heated flooring – our insulation was too old and of such poor quality that our heating wouldn’t stay in the house anyway!