Too busy for the heater

Whether this upcoming Wintertime season means you can’t wait to hit the ski slopes, or your favorite Wintertime interests is enjoying TV by the fireplace..! Wintertime is coming.  With the Wintertime weather, that means our yearly chilly season ritual is also right around the corner. This weekend I will be getting a furnace turn-up, and next month comes the snow tires.   In our neck of the woods, the snow tires will get you around the mountains and a well-actually working furnace will keep you from cold. Anyone in their right mind would never do without either around here.  That’s why I call our local Heating and Air Conditioning provider to come check over our furnace early in the season, so once I need our furnace, I can turn it on. That same Heating and Air Conditioning specialist can also perform the much needed, however underrated HVAC duct cleaning, that I did not have done last year.  It has been several years since our HVAC duct was cleaned, and I assume the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist will be able to improve our air quality with an air duct cleaning. We all tend to stay indoors for such a long time, especially in the Wintertime. All the doors and windows are kept closed to keep the heat inside the house, that at times I can recognize a bit claustrophobic.  So cleaner HVAC duct will be needed along with a furnace tune-up. Along with meeting with the tire mechanic, it looks love I’ll be quite busy getting ready for the chilly season. However, I am never too busy to kneel by the fireplace and watch a football game!

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