Those old thermostats

These temperature controls in this household have been here since the place was built in the 70s, I swear. They are older than I am, as well as I am not incredibly young! These temperature controls are these dials that just have the temperature of the room on the bottom half, as well as then the needle as well as the many temperature settings on the top half. That way you are able to see the temperature of the room–or at least the temperature of the space around the temperature control–and change the temperature setting of the climate control as needed. These temperature controls are not digital, so there are at least no batteries that need to be changed, however they are not able to be programmed to your needs either. This means that you need to always adjust the temperature control throughout the day. The two of us need to turn it up when the two of us get up in the morning hours, turn it down before the two of us leave for work, as well as then turn it back up again when the two of us get back to our household as well as wait for the electric furnace to heat the household back up again. These things can only do just one job–turn the electric furnace on as well as off according to the temperature of the room–and lately they aren’t even doing that very well! Instead of coming on when the two of us want them to, they don’t turn on unless the two of us move the dial up some. Then while they turn the furnace on, the temperature controls then fail to shut the furnace back off. They just keep heating the area, regardless of how high the temperature reading becomes. One time the two of us dozed off on the couch, as well as when the two of us got up to go to our beds the household was 76 degrees, however the two of us had only set the temperature control for 62 degrees, and you could still hear the electric furnace working!

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