This room is definitely cold

It’s a great room in the summertime.  Well even then, that room is a bit cool.  The guest room in the very back corner of our house is always just so cold.  For sure, it’s the first place you want to be after mowing the lawn in the summer.  But trust me, you want no part of this room during any other time. I can’t even offer the bed to someone who is staying over.  It’s always one of my kids who has to give up their room and sleep in the igloo. It’s been this way for years now and I feel sort of weak for not doing something.  So, in an effort to be proactive, I have called upon the HVAC professionals for their advice. When the HVAC tech arrived, I explained how I had used space heater but nothing really worked.  He spent his time listening to my complaints while checking all the vents in the house. The heating and cooling tech then went around the house with a temperature gun. He even went outside to see the amount of treated air leaking from certain areas.  Once the HVAC serviceman was finished, he concluded two things. Apparently, the window in the cold room was not properly sealed during construction. The HVAC tech suggested I buy some spray foam insulation to remedy this problem first. As for heating up the cold guest room, the HVAC tech had another idea.  He recommended I purchase room to room ventilators to solve the problem. These are small fans which fit in a hole cut into the wall of an adjoining room. The fans are then able to pull warmer air into the guest room. I’m looking forward to giving it a try.

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