This is my main goal

Going to court is really a headache to be honest with you. Especially when you are forced to through a letter in the mail to do your civic duty to society. I think it’s a joke to be honest, however, I do not want to go to jail or get a large fine for something so ridiculous. So, I took the day off from work to go to the stupid court date. When I walked into the court house, it was hotter and more humid than I think I ever felt in my life! I mean, did or did they not even have the common decency to have their heating and cooling system on? Was the heating and cooling system even working? Or, am I just totally crazy! No! It seems that they did not even have a working heating and cooling system in the place! It had broke down for whatever reason. I was not going to complain in fear of getting arrested or something as a result of it. The last thing I need is my bad temper over their lack of heating and cooling to get me thrown in the slammer! I figure I will ride this out and just get it over with. Then, when it is all finally over, I can just go home to my own house and crank up my heating and cooling system on the highest setting to cool off and relax. The fact I have a smart thermostat makes it so when I know this stupid court will be done soon, I can turn on my cooling system ahead of time while I am on my way home. I hate the law!

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