This is a very lousy mood

I seriously can’t stand negative people. When someone is having a bad day, I wish they would just keep it to themself and not take it out on other people. The other day when I had an HVAC technician come over, this guy was in a really nasty mood. I greeted him at the door but he only grumbled something under his breath. I felt that was very rude and actually hesitated to let the man in. That’s when he snapped at me and said he was in a rush and if I wanted my HVAC equipment fixed, I needed to pick up the pace. I knew he was right, I needed my HVAC to be fixed so I let him in regardless of his rude behaviour. Even though the guy was not very nice, he actually fixed my HVAC system in a rush. He had everything working within half an hour and I was surprised. I gave the man a tip for his excellent service and he just called me a cheapskate, muttered something else under his breath and went on his way. I decided to leave a negative review online about this guy and the company. I know the company is responsible for hiring people like that. If you have HVAC technicians representing you, you should definitely hire people who are friendly and care about the customers. This guy actually put me in a pretty lousy mood and I was fine before he showed up. Some buddies of mine came over later to play some cards and that cheered me up. There’s nothing quite like drinking and playing some good poker games with your buddies.

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