This is a nice little place

My mind tends to wander a lot, and some people think I am a little on the strange as well as unusual side. I always am thinking about the most off the wall theories and imaginative things I could possibly come up with. One thing recently that crossed my mind was, what if there was a heating and cooling system that was installed for outdoor use? I know that sounds unusual and probably impossible. Not to mention, a waste of energy…but what if! I was thinking at the very least, an air conditioning system that can cool a small area outdoors for when people have pool parties in the summertime months when it gets really hot as a furnace outside. I always was wondering how it would be possibly technical wise. Could you actually get the heating and air conditioning unit to generate enough power outside, not to mention, where would the air vents even go? Sure, they have those portable air conditioning units already that you could stick outside if you really wanted to, but I am talking about central heating and air conditioning. Call me crazy, but if I could only figure out a way to invent this idea of mine all by myself, it would be possibly the biggest breakthrough ever in heating and air conditioning technology to ever hit the country! But, I know, I am a dreamer…and possibly insane. Still though, I may mention this to my friend who works in the heating and air conditioning industry to get his humble opinion on it all!

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