This air conditioner is totally fine with me

You won’t hear many people cheering for tax day, but I am one of those chosen few. I work hard, and actually pay more in taxes than is required (thanks to that little box labeled extra withholdings on my paperwork). While I never notice that little bit extra being taken out every week, I surely do notice when I get most of it right back in one lump sum. I know it isn’t free money, it’s my money, but it still feels like an extra paycheck or maybe ever two, when it finally comes. This year I am in dire need of new ductwork for my HVAC system, so this tax return can’t get here fast enough. A few months ago the AC seemed to stop working as well as it used to, which was troubling because it wasn’t that old. When a cold snap came a few weeks later, I noticed the heating was in equally poor working condition. This was even more troubling, because now I thought I needed a whole new HVAC system which would run about four or five grand. Then I got an inspection of the system done, and the HVAC told me the equipment was fine, but the air ducts were all rusted, cracking, and splitting at the seams. It was no small amount of money to have all the ductwork taken out and replaced, but it was surely a far sight cheaper than a full new HVAC system. Once I get it installed, the heating and cooling will both be as good as new.

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