They were giving me more information

I have a job that I totally dislike with a passion, however there is no other task out there. So I am stuck with this junk. I task at an answering repair for some real low class fast food joints. And when I say low class, we are talking the lowest in the universe…you’d have to live it to know it! It’s sheer hell! But, what makes this job even worse, as if that was not enough, is that the a/c method does not task right in the call center! The a/c in the building is so seasoned and was never updated to the current heating and cooling technology. The a/c hardly cools the place during the hot warm season time weeks. Also, the little it does cool things, the entire building is muggy. I am afraid to complain to the idiot managers about the terrible a/c because knowing them, they would fire myself and others just for saying something about their seasoned broken down a/c system. I do need this terrible job, so I keep our mouth shut. Until I find another job, I just have to suffer with the truly terrible a/c method in this call center building. I have thought about secretly reporting this lack of a/c to the BBB or something along those lines. But I am not sure. There has to be someone I can report this terrible a/c at the job to. I am just excited that in our own home, I have a brand current and truly modern heating and a/c system! I spent a fortune on it back when I had nice cash.

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