There’s some bigger issues here

Do you have a favorite season of the year? I think most people do. My daughter is a summer person. She loves the summer because she gets to take vacation from work and go to the beach and lounge round all day in the sun and surf. Personally, I like winter the best. I live in the south, so we have very mild winters. Winter here is not like it is in the north. The reason I like winter so much is that I get to wear sweaters. I love sweaters because they are so soft and comfy. However, I have noticed that even in winter we still have to run the a/c. It sometimes looks silly to see people because they are sweaters while sitting in air conditioning! But, nonetheless, I still like winter here in the south. Tonight is Christmas Eve, and we don’t even need the heater at all. I do not have the a/c running, but I am wearing a dress without sleeves. If I put on my Christmas sweater tomorrow, I feel sure that I will need the a/c. Our tradition is to have Christmas brunch, and when I cook, I will definitely need the a/c and the ceiling fans.  I think the majority of people prefer the fall season. Autumn is the time of year when there is a break from the heat of summer. Sometimes, we can even turn off the a/c and open the windows and enjoy fresh air. Autumn is my second favorite season. I like getting a break on the utility bill by turning off the air conditioning, but I always gain five pounds due to Thanksgiving! Sweaters and a/c are better than gaining weight!

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