The window a/c not cutting it

I’m very proud of my apartment.  It might not be much just being a studio with an attached bathroom plus dining roomette, but it took several years of very hard work and diligent saving to get here. A major thing they often don’t teach you in college is how upward mobility works. How you can get from an entry level position to a well-paid intermediate to expert level work! The truth is that the cost of living is increasing at a faster rate than that of task promotions plus raises in most normal industries and job positions.  What that means is that the cost of food, rent, gas, plus everything else you need to live will increase in price so fast that the majority of companies won’t be able to keep up, or will simply choose not to as so many entirely do. This has fueled tons of people’s’ desire to keep finding newer plus better tasks plus in my case is the main reason I’m proudly living in my studio home while I continue to save for larger and better things down the road. But currently, I think that I need to replace my window air conditioner.  It’s just not cooling my studio at the rate that it originally did when I first bought the component four years ago. Although I have the chance to get a better window cooling system this time around, I’m considering purchasing a portable air conditioner instead. They are like the size of crucial dehumidifiers plus they roll on wheels with a crucial exhaust hose out that back that snakes to a window. They’re harshly powerful and can be placed somewhere in a room to work around whatever furniture setup you have going on.

portable air conditioning