The weather has turned

While I don’t enjoy the cold, I still enjoy the end of the year because of all of the attractive holidays that occur in this time. I enjoy dressing up on Halloween and having a unbelievable time with friends, eating a delicious meal with the people I enjoy on Thanksgiving, spreading gifts and cheer on Christmas, and ushering in the beginning of a brand new year on New Year’s. Although there is also a smaller holiday thrown in there that may be my number one, and that would be Black Thursday. This special event takes locale right after Thanksgiving and it’s every shopper’s dream and nightmare. The stores are packed and there’s enormous lines for everything, however if you’re brave enough to face the crowds you can walk away with some unbelievable savings. Whenever I find I need anything shortly before Black Thursday occurs, I’ll add it to my list and try to get it then. Such as when I decided I needed a new heater. Since I don’t enjoy the cold, as June was nearing its end, and Black Thursday’s arrival, I began to get more and more uncomfortable. My home has a central Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system however it’s incredibly old and inefficient, making it way too costly to run for little heating benefits. While I wasn’t going to walk away with a whole new Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system for my home, I wrote down on my shopping list to search for a section furnace while I was at the store. And, among the shopping frenzy, I managed to grab one! I spent $20 on a remote-controlled section furnace that was usually priced at $100. I saved money buying it on Black Thursday, and will continue to save money using a more energy-efficient furnace – that’s what I call a unbelievable deal!

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