The residential plumber handled all of the work

After I bought a home that needed renovations, I hired a plumber to handle several jobs around the house, then only a couple of issues were major issues, but a couple of the issues were minor leaks… There was a dripping faucet in the powder room plus I wanted to change out the fixtures, however i wanted to install new fixtures in the shower plus the sink section plus I wanted to get a bid on an energy efficient, Water saving toilet. I wanted to find out why it was taking so long for the toilet to drain. That was an substantial sewer line issue that I wanted to be addressed. In the bedroom, I wanted a brand new garbage disposal installed plus I wanted the plumber to make sure that the dishwasher was in sound, laboring order, and when I found a plumber that could handle all of these jobs, I called to make an appointment. The plumber was on time plus ready to get started. She arrived about 15 minutes before the actual appointment. She started by investigating every single problem that needed to be fixed, however after that she gave me an estimate for all of the repairs. I like the fact that she broke down each one of the repairs into a single amount of money. I did not have to fix everything at the same time if I did not have enough money plus I did not have to waste time asking questions because everything was laid out plus simple to read. The residential plumber tackled each one of the jobs on the list plus in two days she finished all of the plumbing repairs in the whole house.


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