The HVAC all under warranty

I do not like the physical reaction when you first realize you forgot about something very important.  Mine usually starts with my eyes widening as well as my mouth dropping open. Then there is the first of various expletives as the realization of memory lapse crystalizes. After that it’s the gut punch followed by about of a half pint of instant stress sweat. It just sucks all around.  And, it hardly ever varies, this routine. I now all of this far too well. Unfortunately, I have a very recent memory of the Forgot Face. I had a beautiful modern HVAC equipment put in two months ago. It was quite the experience. I called around to various HVAC business as well as got pitches from them all.  Due diligence was mission accomplished. I knew more about heating as well as cooling systems than I ever wanted to know in my life. But, I also find researching the best solutions to be, if not fun, at least interesting. Finally, I found the right HVAC business who delivered on all their promises. My new HVAC unit works like a charm.  The condo has never been more cool. And the first utility bill blew my mind with all the money I saved. I was smiling, ecstatic as well as proud to be alive. But, it seemed prefer I was forgetting something. Man, was I ever. The Forgot Face hit as well as I ran to the basement. My HVAC business had given me the warranty material as well as that was the last stadium I saw it.  I found the papers between two studs just where I’d put them. I scrambled back upstairs to see how long I had to register the warranty. I nearly threw up when I saw 30 days. I picked up the iPhone, called the HVAC manufacturer in a panic. Thankfully, I found an understanding queen of a woman who let me register it right then and there.

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